Our instructors teach traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques as taught by Professor Ralph Gracie. Students meet at class times for formalized instruction of techniques. Each class is about an 90 minutes and includes sparring after technique. All levels participate in each class. Our Fundamentals Class helps new students get acclimated to the jiu jitsu culture. The 60 minute class is followed by the all levels class allowing newer students to integrate fully at their own pace. Participants wear a gi. A loaner gi can be provided to new students to wear over shorts and a t-shirt.

Adult Gi BJJ

  • All Levels

Mon & Wed @ 7 PM

Tue &Thu @ 7:30 PM

  • Fundamentals

Mon @ 6 PM

  • Open Mat

Fri @ 6 PM

Adult BJJ Fundamentals – Mondays at 6 pm

Step into jiu-jitsu classes at your own pace with our fundamentals class to cover basics. We cover BJJ etiquette and the most basic moves. Mastering strong fundamentals helps build strong advanced techniques. There is less emphasis in sparring in this class. Fundamentals class conveniently feeds into the all levels class allowing student to work their way into the full class setting.

Adult All Levels

The adult all levels class consists of all belts from white to black. There is no secret training for black belts. And black belts learn the same techniques as white belts. More advanced students take the lead when teaming up with beginning students. Class formats typically consist of a 10-20 minute physical warm up, 30 minutes of technical instruction, and 30 minutes of sparring. Many students continue to spar after class ends.

Competition Preparation

Competition preparation classes is for students ready to test themselves in a tournament format for medals. We practice for the competition format with timed rounds and point tallies. We discuss competition strategy and drills. Takedown practice.

Open Mat

Open mat sessions are for all adults as well. There is no formal instructions. Many times, students drill moves from the week and exchange ideas about BJJ.