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We Can Train You in Traditional Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? A grappling art for self-defense. Learn traditional Gracie-style BJJ in the gi from the originators. Transform you by gaining self-confidence while learning practical techniques for self-defense from a martial art proven to be the most effective. Enhance your physical fitness with an amazing core workout. Most importantly, become a part of the worldwide Ralph Gracie Association.

Our ADULT programs allow an easy transition for those with no experience at all:

  • Introduction to BJJ ( > 3 mo experience)
  • Fundamentals of BJJ ( > 6 mo experience)
  • All Levels BJJ ( all experience levels )
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Our KIDS programs are for youth 6 years old up to 15 years old:
—>Read more about 6-8 year old girls in BJJ

  • Kids (6+ years old )
  • Juniors ( 10+ years old )
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Easy to Follow Learning Structure – RGSJ Modular Curriculum

We make learning BJJ easy with a top-down approach to understanding techniques organized into 10 modules. Each module represents a BJJ concept and is taught for an entire week of classes through specific techniques and drills. Our modules cover the core fundamentals as well advanced techniques and emerging techniques.

Modules #1 through #10

Module #1 – Attacks from Closed Guard

Module #2 – Attacks from Mount

Module #3 – Attacks from Side Control

Module #4 – Attacks from Back

Module #5 – Passing from Closed Guard

Module #6 – Escapes from Side Control

Module #7 – Attacks on and Passing from Open Guard

Module #8 – Defenses from Mount

Module #9 – Defenses from Back

Module #10 – Niche Positions (e.g., leg locks, standing)


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Online Video Curriculum

You can watch San Jose instructors anytime. Our Module Curriculum brought to life with an extensive catalog of in-house instructional videos.